Our philosophy: we recycle everything

Nothing goes to waste if everything gets recycled! This is the idea that led us to the creation of the Grazie Natural  range, which stems from Lucart S.p.A. solid experience in recycled paper manufacturing.

The recovery process

efficiency, monitoring, and cleanliness

3/4 of a normal beverage carton is made of cellulose fibres. These containers can be fully recycled thanks to a clean and efficient process that separates the fibres from the other components (polyethylene and aluminium). This way, we can obtain new paper from what once contained milk, cream, soft drinks, or fruit juice. This paper must meet the strict quality criteria set forth by Lucart S.p.A. certifications (Ecolabel, Emas, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, dermatological tests).

Our new paper

quality and sustainability

This is a very high quality paper, incredibly soft, resistant and absorbent, but what surprises the most is its colour. The raw material from which paper is obtained must be chemically treated to get the classic white colour; ours, however, keeps its natural colour, because we have decided not to use any colouring or bleach. We firmly believe in this choice, even because we are consumers as well, so we know how important it is to find products that are safe for our health.

Fiberpack: a new raw material

What is the most beautiful thing we can do together for our planet? Fiberpack, the clean and sustainable raw material from which Grazie Natural products are made, is one example. Fiberpack is the result of our collaboration, starting from you when you throw away beverage cartons (e.g. TetraPak) as recycled waste. Fiberpack is safe because the manufacturing process does not use chemical substances, safe because guaranteed by the experience and seriousness of Lucart S.p.A., resistant because of its high quality fibres, ecological because the recuperation system does not allow for waste as it recycles all the material present in the containers 100%.


Grazie Natural's quality and hygienic safety is guaranteed by specific clinical tests that have proven it to be hypoallergenic in contact with human skin. Grazie Natural toilet paper and tissues have obtained this additional certification. The Ecolabel can only be obtained by products that meet strict environmental and performance requirements in order to promote the continuous improvement of the environmental quality of products. This label certifies that the product or the service has a low environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle.

The Ecolabel is the EU's official environmental labelling system, through which Grazie Natural ensures that all the strict environment protection criteria, shared by all EU-member states, are met. Thanks to the use of recycled paper, the environmental impact is much lower, even compared to products made with pure pulp. Based on the results of skin tolerance tests, carried out by dermatologists of accredited analysis laboratories, Grazie Natural toilet paper and tissues have been classified as non-irritating.