Our philosophy: we recycle everything

Nothing goes to waste if everything gets recycled! This is the idea that led us to the creation of the Grazie Natural  range, which stems from Lucart S.p.A. solid experience in recycled paper manufacturing.

Fiberpack: a new raw material

What is the most beautiful thing we can do together for our planet? Fiberpack, the clean and sustainable raw material from which Grazie Natural products are made, is one example. Fiberpack is the result of our collaboration, starting from you when you throw away beverage cartons (e.g. TetraPak) as recycled waste. Fiberpack is safe because the manufacturing process does not use chemical substances, safe because guaranteed by the experience and seriousness of Lucart S.p.A., resistant because of its high quality fibres, ecological because the recuperation system does not allow for waste as it recycles all the material present in the containers 100%.